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Kyhlwood Training is constantly striving to improve our facility. Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions!

Phase One $2500

  • Improve all current fencing DONE July 2017
  • Increase the size of the current arena DONE July 2017
  • Move fencing to accommodate for more separation DONE July 2017

Phase Two $5300

  • Install automatic waters in all current pens DONE November 2017
  • Install outdoor lights on all current pens DONE November 2017
  • Remove all trees and stumps from building site DONE August 2017

Phase Three $3500

  • Clean up all down trees and low branches from rear lot IN PROGRESS
  • Build 4 corner shed and 4 training pens DONE July 2018
  • Put up fence for new back turnout lot for pens 2 and 3
  • Build shelter in newly separated east pen DONE June 2018

Phase Four $6500

  • Remove all junk trees and down trees in current large pasture IN PROGRESS
  • Finish separating both pens to east side DONE Summer 2019
  • Install automatic water in newly separated east pen DONE Summer 2019
  • Install 2 automatic waters in training pens DONE Summer 2019
  • Install fences for training horse pastures DONE Summer 2019

Projects to be Completed

  • Build Obstacle Course
  • Clear trees and put up fence for east pen turnout
  • Tile outdoor arena
  • Rock Driveway and new parking area
  • Install lights on arena
  • Build new west pen and shelter
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