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Private Riding Lessons

Hour: $50


If you would like more focused with on yourself or your horse feel free to schedule private lessons! With only one student to one instructor students usually progress more quickly. 

Group Riding Lessons

1 1/2 hours: $30 per rider

A group lesson is 3-5 students depending on horse availability and level of riders. I group my students based on experience, ability and riding level.

What do I need for lessons?


  • Kyhlwood Training has helmets for students to borrow for their first few lessons. After they have decided they want to continue lessons long term they will need to purchase their own helmet. 
  • Helmets MUST be ASTM/SEI approved NO EXCEPTIONS. I strongly recommend that you purchase helmets new or from someone you know and trust. Typically if a helmet is involved in a fall it needs to be replaced. Use common sense in this- if you slide off and land on your rear then your helmet should be fine. If you hit your head in any way the helmet should be replaced. I really like the Troxel and Ovations brands, you can usually find good deals on the websites listed below. If you need help with size feel free to try on any of Kyhlwood Trainings helmets and look at the brand and style name.
  • Bike helmets are NEVER a suitable substitution. They are designed for much different falls from something much closer to the ground that is not capable of traveling at the same speeds as a horse. 


  • Proper fitting, appropriate boots are very important. Boots prevent injury in multiple ways. The tough leather helps prevent serious injury when being stepped on. The tread of the bottom and heel prevents your foot slipping through the stirrup which can prevent being drug in the event of a fall.
  • Keep in mind that boots are priced in regards to the quality. Most boots from placed such as Target and Walmart use thin material for the top meaning they will not protect you when stepped on. They also use cheap plastic material for the bottom which actually makes it harder to keep your foot in the right place in your stirrup, often causing students to lose their stirrup and potentially lose their balance.
  • Boots with a pointy toe do not have a flat surface at the ball of the foot and result in difficulty keeping the stirrup in the right place when learning, especially if made of poor quality material.
  • My favorite boots are paddock boots or square toe cowboy boots. The places listed below are great places to find the appropriate footwear. Often you can get child or small size paddock boots for a much more reasonable price than cowboy boots. 


  • Long pants are always required for riding. Typically breeches are preferred for English because it minimizes rubbing from the stirrup leather. I am fine with leggings for lessons but they are not appropriate for shows. Long jeans are suitable for showing western. They do not need to be specifically riding jeans. Longer length is preferred as it prevents the edge of the boot from getting caught on the stirrup fender. 
  • Hair should always be pulled back and tidy. Long hair that is not pulled up makes it difficult to see what you are doing in many situations. It can also get caught in the event of a fall. 

Great places to shop local are:

  • Silver Spur Waterloo, IA

                        Wide variety of jeans, boots, shirts, belts and most tack items for western, no English. Tell Craig I sent you and he will make                          sure what you get is appropriate!

  • Tack Room Waterloo, IA

                       Mostly English or high quality western tack and equipment. Check before going as they are often not there as they travel to                           shows across the midwest.

Show Information


  • At our home shows and the Select Charity show all students are welcome to wear their Kyhlwood Training shirts or appropriate show clothes. Other shows require jeans and a long sleeve button up shirt for western and breeches and a hunt coat for English. Even if a helmet is not a show requirement it is still a Kyhlwood Training requirement and will always be required when mounted. Events where students will not be showing they are encouraged to wear their Kyhlwood Training shirt.


  • Hair needs to be pulled up into a neat bun or pony tail when showing. If the pony tail goes past your shoulder blades then it should be in a bun. Keep in mind that a neat tidy appearance is important for both our horses and riders. Please always make sure that your hair is not blocking your number if pinned to your back.


  • If you are the only person showing a specific horse I encourage you to place your number on your saddle pad on both sides of your horse. Make sure if you need to make a 2nd number for the other side of your horse it is large, clear, bold numbers and readable from a distance. If you are sharing a horse you will need to have your number pinned to your back. Make sure it is straight and pinned on each side so that it does not move around.
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