Kyhlwood Training

It is not just about the horses,

it is about life, love and learning.

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Kyhlwood Training Lesson Horses and Ponies


2012 14 hand paint pony mare

Phoebe came to us in September of 2016. She had a rough start in life and after being rescued and rehabbed in Chicago she came to Kyhlwood Training to start her career. Phoebe has a very level head on her shoulders and a great work ethic. She is often annoyed if someone goes into the paddock and leaves without her. Phoebe excels at English and is starting over fences. She also loves to trail ride and do beginner lessons where she doesn't have to work quite so hard. This season she will be focusing hard on western and neck reining.

Phoebe was leased for the 2018 season and won Jr Reserve High Point at the Butler county fair with Julieann!

I'm Red Instead

AKA Fabio

2008 sorrel AQHA gelding

I have know Fabio for quite some time and was offered the opportunity to purchase him in October 2018. He is a phenomenal hunter under saddle horse and excels in pattern work. He has also been shown in equitation, showmanship, western horsemanship and trail. He is a wonderful addition to our lesson program!


2006 Solid paint pony mare

Sierra came to Kyhlwood Training in August of 2019. She was started under saddle and has been coming along well. Sierra will eventually be an all around pony but for right now we are focusing on the basics. She will be used for intermediate and advanced lessons. 

Mary's Hank


2000 Quarter Horse Gelding

Al was brought in for me to sell in May of 2019. I ended up purchasing him for Kyhlwood Training. Al does both English and western lessons as well as trails. He does not jump. He is blind in his left eye due to an incident with a stick before I got him. It doesn't bother him in the slightest!


2016 Solid paint mare

Paisley was born here at Kyhlwood Training in April of 2016. She was started under saddle mid to late summer in 2018. Paisley is getting better every day. She is sometimes a little too smart for her own good! She is a sweet and honest little mare who will excel in western events. Paisley will not be a speed horse as she takes after her sire and has zero interest in going anywhere quickly! Paisley has been coming along very well in 2020 and is going to start lessons with intermediate and above students this season.


2010 Quarter horse gelding

Mason came to Kyhlwood Training with his dam when he was only 3 weeks old. He has the biggest heart of any horse I've ever met. Mason much prefers western but will do pretty much anything he is asked. He is a fantastic pattern horse. He loves to go on trail rides but often has to be reminded that it is not a buffet. Due to an injury back in 2015 Mason is no longer allowed to jump but does everything else in the program.


2013 AQHA gelding

Hadley was born here at Kyhlwood Training in April of 2013. He was a slow grower and wasn't started under saddle until fall of 2016. Hadley is my personal horse and is not used for lessons.


2018 red roan miniature mare

Nugget was purchased in March of 2019 to be a babysitter for a mare on stall rest. Although I have always said I have no use for a mini, Nugget is quickly growing on me. She came in barely halter broke, very skittish and timid of all people. She is now a curious and friendly little mare. She is still cautious about meeting new people but usually warms up to them pretty quickly.

Nugget was sold in fall of 2019 and came back to us in April! We are happy to have her back and we will be training her to drive this summer. 

Shut Up N Kiss Me 

AKA Titan

2007 APHA 16 hand gelding

Titan is out on Lease for 2020

Titan has been with me since 2008, before the official start of Kyhlwood training. He is mostly used for advanced flat or jumping lessons but does the occasional beginner or intermediate lunge line lesson. His abilities span every discipline I offer- English, western, trails and jumping but much prefers to be jumping!

Titan was out of commission for approximately a year and a half due to white line disease in his front left hoof. With the help of our fantastic farrier Brandon Kucera Titan is back in action as of summer 2019. 

Scootin' Petals


1991 AQHA mare

Pet was sadly euthanized in 2019. Her passing has left a big hole in my lesson program and in many hearts. 

Pet's story with me actually begins back when I was about 12. After training and showing with Pet for almost 2 years I decided to step up to another horse. I sold her in 1999 and through a series of fortunate events she can back into my life in 2012. Pet is, without a doubt, the absolute favorite lesson horse. She has taught many kids to ride and to love horses. In 2015 she retired from jumping but still continues to teach beginner through intermediate lessons. She is ridden both English and western but prefers western.