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Customer Testimonials

'Being one of Jenna's students for the past 5 years has really been an experience. When you take a lesson with her you aren't just riding the horse, you are learning about almost all the ins and outs and whys of the horse. Jenna truly cares about all her lesson students and horses and is always making it fun to be out there. She will always be honest with you and help you through the end, whether its taking lessons step by step, helping you tack up, or even just talking about life. Kyhlwood Training is truly an amazing place and has a great environment for all people and ages. There is always a friendly face there along with the herd of dogs and horses."

-Tayler R.

"I have known Jenna for years in three capacities. As her veterinarian, I can’t say enough about the commitment Jenna has to the health of her horses. She is as dedicated to helping her rescues be restored to a fresh life, as she is to keeping her herd happy and sound for all of her lesson kids. Secondly I have two girls who have had riding lessons. Funny thing is, they learn so much more from Jenna than just “heels down”, how to post, “jump-position”, etc. She teaches kids how to give and receive respect and love for the horses while they groom, tack-up, ride, and un-tack. Through these years, Jenna has become a friend that I would trust to anyone to go to with a problem horse or child. She has a passion for life that she exudes as she shares her knowledge and love for horses and children!"

-Dr. Kelly Sampson

"I love taking lessons with Jenna because I can take things step by step to improve. I also learn many different things so I can always expand my knowledge and I can also have time to love on all of the horses. I keep taking lessons with Jenna because Jenna has a way of Teaching that lets you have fun, learn new things and always love on the horses. So from jumping to cantering to vaulting Jenna can do it all!"

Anna B & Misty

"Ever since I was 4 I've been fascinated by horses. No one knew where this fascination sprouted from because no one in my family liked horses like I did. When I was 11, I found Kyhlwood Training. I have now been riding for 5 years and have never regretted it. I now work for Jenna and love helping with all of her students. I have had many big adventures in my years at Kyhlwood, going to shows, exploring trails, and even getting my own horse!

I love that Kyhlwood is a safe and fun environment for kids to meet friends and have fun. All of the time I put into this business was the best investment of my life!"

-Jammi S

"I have been taking lessons with Jenna for 1 1/2 years and ever since I had my first lesson I have not wanted to stop riding. She also makes everything fun. Another thing I like is that even if you are scared to do something she takes things slow and makes sure you are very confident in the things you are doing. She also always encourages that you have fun when you are at a show or even when you are just riding."

-Emma W & Maggie

"Reagen has been riding with Jenna for at least 3 years now. She has helped Reagen follow her passion for horses. Coming from a family with absolutely no horse experience, Jenna has really taught her starting from the basics and on. Reagen is always asking to go out to Jenna’s and now her 3 year old sister is even taking lessons! Jenna is both encouraging, patient, and always puts safety first. I’m so thankful for her as she is someone Reagen looks up to and dreams to do what she does one day!"

-Brooke C. (Reagen's mom)

"I’m an older beginner with my first horse that is boarded at Kyhlwood. Best place for my horse and myself. You get it all with Jenna...honesty, knowledge, responsibility, ethics and dedication. She loves the horses, her students and teaching."

-Jean L & Priyah

"I love miss Jenna she was the one who built me up as a strong rider and I will never forget her!"


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