Kyhlwood Training

It is not just about the horses,

it is about life, love and learning.

Why Kyhlwood Training?

Kyhlwood Training is a business that is dedicated to bringing together people and horses. As much as students are learning riding skills they are also learning many life lessons. Horse lessons are about learning responsibility, respect, patience and communication. Horses give us the chance when we are young to gain experience with teamwork, partnership, sportsmanship and compassion. Students are able to learn how to be authentic and how to set boundaries.

An instructor can teach you how to ride; teach you balance, position and how to not fall off-

but it is the horses that teach us how to love and how to be a leader.


I offer a variety of different types of lessons. Lessons for beginner to advanced, young to young at heart, English and Western, Jumping and showing. You can start off in a private lesson and gain the skill to join a group!

Please see my Lessons Page for more information and pricing!


Kyhlwood Training offers training for a young horse that needs started the right way, trail horses that need more miles, older horses that need a tune up and the pasture bum that needs a refresher. Please visit the Training Page for more information and pricing.


No matter if you are a first timer looking to try the trails, a seasoned rider looking for a new place to ride or someone looking to make a check on their bucket list Kyhlwood Training has a horse to fit your needs and plenty of gorgeous trails to enjoy.

Please visit the Trails page for more information and pricing.