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Cosmo, Kona and Hazel are Triple R horses that were pulled from the loose pen in Kalona, IA on March 3rd, 2021. We also have a mare named Edna that came in from a private owner at the end of April. Search #kyhlwoodcosmo #kyhlwoodkona #kyhlwoodhazel and #kyhlwoodedna on Fabebook and Instagram to see their current progress!

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Kyhlwood Training is proud to offer a new service. Knowing that there is a lack of available horse rescues in the area we have decided to offer an alternative. Our Triple R program is designed for owners who are no longer willing or able to care for their horses.


     The horse will begin a rehab program designed specifically for them, whether they need to gain weight, lose weight, heal an injury, etc. Each horse will also be brought up to date on all cares (shots, farrier care, dentals, etc). When the horse is in suitable physical condition he or she will begin retraining. Students get hands on experience with learning to care for special needs horses. 


     Their retraining program will be designed specifically around their abilities and needs. The retraining program will be designed by and overseen by a professional trainer. However depending on the horse and abilities students of various ages will be involved.


     Once the horses are able to be a productive member of society and maintain a job- whether that be a trail horse, lesson horse, eventing prospect, etc. They will be listed for sale. Kyhlwood Training takes great care to ensure that all horses sold are in safe homes where they will be well cared for. Note: When sold, horses will be sold for a profit. This is to ensure we can cover the costs of the program and continue offering it well into the future.

If you have a horse that you would like to be considered for the program please fill out our application form at the bottom of this page. We do understand that cares may not be up to date. THIS IS OK! We only ask for this information to better plan out a rehab and retraining program.

It may take up to two weeks for us to review your application and get back to you. Most horses will be accepted if we currently have room and they are a suitable candidate for retraining. For example a 22 yr old, unbroke broodmare would not be a good candidate. An 11 yr old trail horse that hasn't been ridden in several years and is underweight would be a good candidate. If your horse is not a good candidate we are happy to help you find an alternative to our program. 

Success Stories



Mercy was purchased from the loose pen at the Kalona sale in February of 2020. She gained about 100 lbs but had some soundness issues. We believe she was a driving horse for the Amish. Due to the scars on her knees it is assumed that she went down on the road and was put in the loose pen because she was no longer sound to drive on the road. Mercy spent the spring getting brought up to date on cares and being started under saddle. She is now in Michigan with a fantastic new forever mom!


Holly's story with us us quite short. She came in with Oliver the middle of May 2020. She is an aged mare somewhere in her mid 20s. She was underweight and had a pretty severe wave mouth. Her 'before' picture is a little deceiving because she still had all of her winter hair. Holly gained over 80 lbs here with us and is now a well loved kids horse in southern Iowa. 


Atlas came in in July of 2019. He was underweight and afraid of his own shadow. After a lot of time and love he began to come around. Turns out Atlas is a trail master! He has a fantastic jog and had a brief career (about 5 minutes) as an English horse and hated how much work it was! He is now the first horse for a fantastic girl in Northwest Iowa. 


Abbey came in June of 2019. She was severely emaciated partially due to being picked on and pushed around by the other horses in her pen.  Abbey gained over 250 lbs while she was with us. She is now loving life with a family in WI as a trail horse!


Crosby came to us very underweight (783 lbs) in October of 2014. Aside from being emaciated Crosby was full of worms, covered in lice, was severely anemic and had a heart murmur. In total Crosby gained over 330 lbs, we were also able to rid him of the lice and worms. The anemia and heart murmur resolved with his weight gain. Once he was healthy we spent the summer and fall riding and enjoying this sweet boy. Sadly we could not overcome Crosby's soundness issues and he was humanely euthanized in November of 2015.


Memphis is a super sweet mare who was well cared for. Her owner unfortunately passed away and family could no longer keep Memphis. When she came in she only needed basic cares to be brought up to date. We were riding Memphis within the first week she came. After approximately 6 weeks of riding (mostly trails) Memphis found her forever home with a local client of mine. She has two new pasture mates named Sparka and Red. She is loving the life of being spoiled. 


Kyhlwood Training was contacted by a local rescue looking for a place for a 21 yr old Norwegian Fjord mare. Lena came in outweighing the weight tape. We estimated that she weighed around 1400 lbs. She had not been ridden in 10+ years. Lena began a strict diet and an exercise program. Lena was with us for approximately 3 months and found a wonderful home in Wisconsin who had just lost their beloved fjord. Sounds like she had big shoes to fill and is doing it well. 


Metro is a 20 yr old APHA gelding who came in because his family no longer had time for him. His owner wanted to make sure he went somewhere safe and where he would be used. We got Metro's basic cares up to date and put a little weight on him. After one or two rides he started being used by my older lesson students. By midsummer he was a favorite that was being used regularly for lessons. Although we adored Metro the strain of the hard work of being a lesson horse was too much for him. He quickly found an amazing home with a 12 yr old 4Her in southern Iowa, where he is well cared for and loved. 


Griffin came to us in early October of 2017 weighing 878 lbs. He gained weight quickly and was up to 1012 lbs by the beginning of November. We restarted him under saddle and he was doing well. After I was injured when he spooked on November 8th he went to another local trainer to finish his training. He is now doing well and living in Illinois.


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